Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Welcome to the Hotel Libfornia

  • Ann Vandersteel has no problem with being known as a “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist.
  • David Lane insists that “excluding prayer and the Bible from public education is just as much of a religious decision as is including prayer and Bible reading in public education.”
  • Right-wing pastor Monty Mulkey recommends that people avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus by staying away from 5G towers and all wireless signals: “You might want to consider moving to a more rural area.”
  • It is inevitable that whenever Brenden Dilley encounters technical difficulties during his daily livestream, he attributes it to Periscope intentionally disrupting his program because he is becoming too famous and too powerful.
  • Greg Holt wants California to be renamed Libfornia and turned into a U.S. territory without voting rights, at which point all “liberals will be rounded up and sent to Libfornia effective immediately.”
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer declares that he had “a strong sense in my spirit today that something has broken in the unseen world, some dark power that had been hovering over us has been restrained and its hold over us broken.