Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Welcome To Rainbow Totalitarianism

  • Scott Lively wants to be “the voice for conservative homosexuals.”
  • Theodore Shoebat declares that “the Koran, alongside all other anti-Christian texts, must be banned and outlawed; the books must be burned and never allowed to have influence in society.”
  • Bill Muehlenberg says that “homosexual activists—and their MSM allies—are at bottom heartless bullies and coercive utopians who will NOT allow any dissent and countering points of view. All opposition WILL be stamped out. Welcome to Rainbow Totalitarianism.”
  • Larry Klayman asserts that “the situation we live in today is worse than what the colonies lived in under King George III” and that America is headed for “a very violent revolution.”
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson insists that he is “the only one who loves black people. Really. There is no one else on earth who loves black people but me.”