Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Weather Manipulation

  • Scott Lively warns that the United States is “becoming a client-state of a new global order in the China model of global socialism, which married the Chinese communist slave-state with predatory multinational corporations hungry for slave labor.”
  • Josh Bernstein says that Rush Limbaugh was “so important to America’s success and freedoms” that he is “on par with Gen. George Washington and Gen. George Patton.”
  • Jack Posobiec tells Charisma that “my faith means everything to me, and I try to live as a Christian in my daily life.”
  • Lin Wood vows that he will never accept that Joe Biden is president and will continue to work to get Donald Trump back in the White House because “that’s what God wants me to do, and I do my best every day to obey Almighty God.”
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire literally put on a tinfoil hat while insisting that the catastrophic winter storm in Texas was “scientifically impossible” and therefore likely the result of “weather manipulation.”