Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We Need Demon Control

  • Rick Wiles says that “we don’t need gun control, we need demon control.”
  • The American Family Association has a pre-Memorial Day message in its newsletter: “AFA is reminding shoppers this Memorial Day week to steer clear from Target, which remains committed to its dangerous and misguided bathroom and fitting room policy.”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt declares that Philip Zodhiates, who was convicted for helping “ex-gay” Lisa Miller kidnap her daughter and flee the country, is “an American hero.”
  • Jerome Corsi thinks that the “trolls” who have been targeting him ever since he broke with the QAnon movement are paid left-wing agitators.
  • Joseph Sciambra says that he “cannot understand why the gay experiment has not been abandoned like other failed utopian philosophies that resulted in mass murder – fascism, Nazism, communism.”
  • Finally, the movie about Trump-loving “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor is really happening.