Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We Hate God

  • Lance Wallnau is upset that Rolling Stone labeled him a Christian nationalist, even though Wallnau also uses that term to describe himself.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos has recently resumed posting on Telegram, which suggests that his internship with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has come to an end.
  • George Pearsons, senior pastor at televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s church, cited Christian nationalist pseudo-historian David Barton’s nonsense about our voting system supposedly coming out of the book of Exodus and then proceeded to “take authority” over the midterm elections.
  • The Faith & Freedom Coalition reports that its African American Voices project “held their first National Repentance Day last Thursday at the Georgia State Capitol. It was a meaningful time of repentance and prayer for our nation with 40 days to go before the midterm elections.”
  • Finally, former Ohio state legislator Candice Keller says “right now there are two parties in this country: The party of Trump, and the other party is called We Hate God.”