Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We Came Absolutely Unglued?

  • National Religious Broadcasters president Jerry Johnson tells CBN News that the Religious Right doesn’t care about President Trump’s adulterous affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels: “People knew the accusations against the president before he was elected and they said, ‘Actually, we care about security. Actually, we care about the economy.'”
  • CBN’s own David Brody echoes that view: “Attention mainstream media: if you think the Stormy Daniels #60Mins interview on @CBSNews is going to move the needle downward regarding evangelical support for @realDonaldTrump , you would be dead wrong. Don’t expect any change.”
  • Liz Crokin says that God assured her that thousands of satanic pedophile cannibals will eventually be tried via military tribunals in America.
  • Jake MacAulay is not impressed by the students march for gun reform: “Let me be clear, if you can isolate American youth to abandon their constitutional heritage and train them to replace the safety and security of their benevolent Creator with that of their Government, then you can enslave them—or rather—they will enslave themselves.”
  • Finally, Everett Piper says that we “came absolutely unglued” over his last column likening LGBTQ activists to ISIS. We have no idea what he is talking about because we didn’t even cover it and merely linked to a post about it.