Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Wayne Allyn Root’s Enchanted Evening

  • Frank Amedia apologized to Vice President Pence “on behalf of the American people” for the fact that Joy Behar mocked his faith.
  • The Family Research Council says that “if you want to protect kids from something, try the schools’ graphic sex-ed curriculums or propaganda of those trying to deconstruct society and the family that’s paraded through our schools. Those are the real destructive influences.”
  • Tim Barton says that any Muslim who believes in Sharia is an extremist “because Sharia is extremist.”
  • Richard Land asserts that “anybody who claims to be an Evangelical and who affirms same-sex relationships is not an Evangelical.”
  • Finally, Wayne Allyn Root recounts the lovely evening he recently spent with President Trump: “Trump is nothing like the man the hateful liberal media portrays. Trump has a huge heart. Trump appreciates every supporter. Trump cares what the little guy thinks. I am living proof. In that room full of billionaires and million dollar donors, Trump made me feel like the most important person in that room.”