Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Waves of the Terror of God

  • John Zmirak writes that “A Million Kyle Rittenhouses Could Save America.”
  • Kari Lake, a MAGA candidate for governor in Arizona, appeared on “The Pete Santilli Show” yesterday. That would be the same Pete Santilli who once declared that he wanted to shoot Hillary Clinton “right in the vagina.”
  • Bobby Piton, a GOP candidate for Senate in Illinois, says that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be arrested by the military for crimes against humanity: “There’s a war criminal walking around freely on U.S. soil.”
  • Outraged about the creation of a “RNC Pride Coalition,” Tony Perkins demands that RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel resign: “I think she needs to step down. She has outlived her purpose at the RNC.”
  • David Barton claims that the lesson to be taken from the biblical book of 1 Samuel in which Saul is anointed king of Israel is that spiritual leaders should be choosing our elected officials.
  • Finally, Kat Kerr demonstrates how to send 100 million angels to unleash “waves of the terror of God” upon the White House.