Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Wallnau’s Warning To The Idiots Who Mock Him

  • Lance Wallnau warns “idiots” like us to “be careful about what they make fun of” because “we’re going to start to see God stretching out His hand” against His prophets.
  • What qualifications does one need to have to work in the Trump administration’s Department of Education? Attacking Hillary Clinton.
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt, who served one disastrous term in the Colorado legislature, has written a book on how to “establish the kingdom of God right now” by getting elected to office.
  • Charles Gardner says that the death of Princess Diana “served as a warning to the millions of others dabbling in the dark world of the occult.”
  • Finally, it’s telling that Texas-based pastor Robert Jeffress considers it a priority to fly to the White House for a photo-op while his state deals with the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.