Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Walk for Freedom

  • MAGA broadcaster Brenden Dilley claims that he has sources “inside the White House.”
  • Rick Wiles spent most of yesterday’s “TruNews” program speculating that President Trump is going to fire Vice President Mike Pence and replace him with Tucker Carlson.
  • Brannon Howse is attempting to capitalize on the right-wing boycott of Nike by creating his own terrible shoes.
  • For his part, Dave Daubenmire is also outraged: “I spit on Nike!”
  • Dave Janda predicts that Trump’s “walk for freedom” into North Korea will be celebrated for millennia.
  • Finally, Sam Rohrer declares that national borders were set by God as part of his master plan: “God will judge all nations who reject Him. Is it any wonder that the coming Antichrist and globalists demand open borders?”