Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Under the Sway of the Prince of Darkness

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is raising money off her “Mark of the Beast” comments, and she’s using Gordon Klingenschmitt’s “Pray In Jesus Name” mailing list to do so.
  • Richard Land says that those who praise and support Little Nas X are “under the sway of the Prince of Darkness.”
  • Diamond and Silk demand to know “who is running this country,” claiming that Joe Biden is not the president and the White House is empty: “Something is going on up under our noses.”
  • Bill Donohue asserts that there is no need for concern about the power and influence of Christian nationalists: “A militant brand of secularism has gripped the country, and this includes many of those in elite positions of power. We don’t have to worry about ‘Christian nationalists’–we have to worry about those who are promoting this fiction as a weapon to assault our Judeo-Christian heritage.”
  • Devvy Kidd calls on Americans to rise up in opposition to vaccine passports: “If we do nothing, nothing will get done and the evil doers will win. They will continue beating scared Americans into the ground.  The push for so-called ‘vaccine passports’ reeks of Nazi Germany.”
  • Finally, Ralph Reed warns corporations to stop opposing Georgia’s new restrictive election law: “The only friends they’ve got in terms of protecting their jobs and their industries is on the Right – and if they keep kicking [them] in the teeth and telling lies about commonsense election reform like this, they may find themselves with no friends at all, on either side of the aisle.”