Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump’s Incredibly Sincere Interest

  • Mike Huckabee insists that President Trump has “an incredibly sincere interest” in deepening his Christian faith.
  • After having its lawsuit against GuideStar dismissed, Liberty Counsel says “this case is far from over.”
  • Jim Garlow, Michele Bachmann and others recently met with Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales, where Tony Perkins presented him with “FRC’s Defender of Faith, Family, and Freedom Citation at a special state dinner. We wanted to honor him for standing with Israel, but also for aggressively defending the unborn.”
  • Speaking of Garlow, he says that some Christians “so obsess with President Trump’s flaws (and he has them – as we all do) that they are unable to affirm that he can do anything right, [and] thus miss the brilliance of so many of his public policy issues.”
  • Finally, the AFA’s Abraham Hamilton says that Trump should not meet with special counsel Robert Mueller because “all of the crimes have been for basically for people lying to FBI officers, so I don’t know if that’s the wisest thing in the world for the president to do.” Apparently even the AFA realizes that Trump is fundamentally incapable of not lying.