Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump’s Enemies Are ‘Diseased In Their Minds’

  • Lance Wallnau says that President Trump’s enemies are “diseased in their minds, they’re warped in their hearts, they’re twisted in their thinking like jihadists blowing themselves up and children with them.”
  • Rebel Media has hired little-known far-right internet personality Martina Markota, who has published a video calling white privilege a “Western burden.”
  • David Barton was on hand when Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed legislation promoting the Ten Commandments.
  • David Mann “honors” the anniversary of the Pulse massacre: “In the wake of the tragedy, the city (and much of the nation) hasn’t just mourned the death of 49 people; it’s also been led to express solidarity with the whole ‘gay’ community, blissfully unaware of how unmerited such solidarity is. And that’s where the real tragedy lies. People rightly mourn the death of a handful of ‘gay’ men (among others), yet at the same time they encourage and support a lifestyle that harms and kills many, many more.”
  • Finally, take a look at who Trump is meeting in the White House.