Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump’s Brilliant Dose of Poison

  • Scott Lively believes that President Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower scandal was “orchestrated” by Trump himself: “In his genius, fearless Trump knows that giving the Democrats and neo-cons just enough red meat to trigger their bloodlust would get them all out on the same limb, fully committed to the far left’s suicidal impeachment fantasy, while he gently revs the Shokin chainsaw behind his back, smiling in anticipation … It is more likely that a known leaker was set up like an unsuspecting worker ant to carry the dose of poison back to the Queen of the Nest (Nancy Pelosi, or perhaps Over-Queen Hillary).”
  • Even though there is no DNC server in Ukraine, Glenn Beck has predictably embraced the right-wing conspiracy theory.
  • After a short-lived stint leading Bible studies for government officials on behalf of Jim Garlow’s “Well Versed Ministries,” radical right-wing pastor Rick Scarborough has now launched a new organization called Recover America Now, which seeks to mobilize Christian pastors to become more politically engaged.
  • Rick Wiles warns that Democrats are “seditious traitors” who are pushing average, law-abiding Americans to take up arms in defense of this nation.
  • Finally, Jim Bakker declares that young people marching in the streets demanding action on climate change is evidence of “God’s judgment coming to this country.”