Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump The Father Figure

  • Liberty Counsel says that athletes have no First Amendment right to kneel during the national anthem because “in order for the First Amendment to apply to any situation, there must be a government actor on one side and a private person, group or organization on the other side.”
  • While interviewing Kellyanne Conway earlier this week, Todd Starnes actually started a question by saying “I know it’s certainly beneath the president to respond to the likes of Hillary Clinton.”
  • Linda Harvey says that athletes who kneel during the anthem should “Feel free to immigrate to another country”: “Trump rightly rebukes these selfish athletes. Representing the father figures many of them never had, he’s telling them to go to their rooms until they can act better.”
  • Lance Wallnau says that Steve Bannon “has a prophetic perception.”
  • Speaking of Bannon, he is reportedly urging former congressman Tom Tancredo to run for governor in Colorado.
  • Finally, the Family Research Council laments that “from bathroom policies to free birth control, we’ve sexualized our culture to the point that it’s actually killing us.”