Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump Should Never Concede

  • Eric Metaxas complains that Joe Biden is gaslighting America by acting like he’s the president-elect and declares that Democrats must prove to President Donald Trump’s supporters that there was no voter fraud and that the election wasn’t stolen.
  • Mario Murillo asserts that “Trump should never concede” because the entire election is “illegitimate.”
  • Brenden Dilley vows not to pay taxes or obey laws if Biden becomes president: “I’m not fucking living under an illegitimate presidency.”
  • Rick Joyner warns that “there may have never been a worse crime against our country than the corruption that allowed the voter fraud in this election. We may not survive this one as a republic, but if we do, and do not immediately set about to find every cause and person responsible for what was done to us, we are not likely to ever have another free and fair election in this country.”
  • The Family Research Council prays that God will “bring to justice monied racketeers who have funded fraud and manipulation, and those who paid street thugs to turn legitimate rallies and protests into street riots. I pray that you will expose all election interference and voter fraud engineered by foreign enemies. May we never have another election in which untested, insecure, untrustworthy computers or software are used.”
  • Finally Jesse Lee Peterson says that Raphael Warnock, one of the Democratic Senate candidates in Georgia’s upcoming runoff election, is “pure evil.”