Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump or Death

  • Josh Bernstein says the 2020 election comes down to a very simple choice: “Trump or death.”
  • David Lane has big plans for the 2020 election: “American Renewal Project is targeting 10 battleground states in 2020: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Iowa, requiring a budget of $22 million.”
  • Peter LaBarbera proclaims that Pete Buttigieg will never become president “because he is an open homosexual, and I don’t think America is ready for that.”
  • For its part, the Texas State Republican Executive Committee certainly isn’t even ready for gay Republicans.
  • Finally, Matt Barber hails President Donald Trump for speaking at the annual March for Life: “He could not be insincere in expressing these powerful words, so he has had a clear change of heart, and I believe that God is responsible for that.”