Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump Is The Devil’s Nightmare

  • Peter LaBarbera is overjoyed by President Trump’s announcement that transgender people will be barred from serving in the military: “This news is so good I can’t remember feeling this good about public policy in so long.”
  • The National Organization for Marriage is likewise thrilled: “We commend your courage for reversing the dangerous, damaging transgender policy of former President Obama, and we urge you to continue to resist the gender ideologies of the left and LGBT activist groups.”
  • Laurie Higgins celebrates as well, because transgenderism is an “offense against nature and nature’s God, and a violation of the rights of the men and women who serve every American and every non-citizen who lives in this once-great nation.”
  • Lance Wallnau rejoices that Trump is “a walking political nightmare for the devil!”
  • Finally, Linda Harvey declares that “anal sex is demonic. There’s no other way to understand it. Using the anus as a substitute vagina is a desire from the pit of hell.”