Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump ‘Is Growing Every Day In His Faith’

  • Cliff Kincaid says the United States should fight the coronavirus outbreak by “defunding the United Nations.”
  • Rick Wiles thinks that a global coronavirus pandemic will be great for his network: “We’re not going to suffer in this. We’re only going to get bigger.”
  • Rodney Howard-Browne claims that his prayers cleansed Florida of the Zika virus last year and now plans to do the same regarding the coronavirus, but apparently his prayers will only be good for America because he “can’t be responsible for every city and whatever.”
  • Mark Burns knows “from firsthand experience” that President Donald Trump is a committed Christian: “God’s hand is upon his life. I’m saying he loves Jesus. And he loves the Holy Spirit. And he knows that he can’t do this job without having the voice of God close to him. He is growing every day in his faith.”
  • Scott Lively, on the other hand, is not so sure of Trump’s faith, primarily because of Trump’s “apparent spiritual blindness on the question of homosexuality … His endorsement of homosexuality even raises the question of whether Donald Trump is actually saved.”