Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump Is ‘A Strong Example Of Christ On Earth’

  • CBN’s David Brody laughably insists that President Trump’s relentless attacks on the FBI and the intelligence community are done because the president is very concerned about “transparency”: “This isn’t just about Donald Trump’s campaign, this is about, in essence, democracy and what it stands for and what’s going to happen the next time around for someone else’s campaign.”
  • Alex Jones thinks the World Scout Jamboree’s requirement that condoms be available to attendees, which was implemented in 2002, is part of secret agenda: “The liberal gay lobby is pushing this stuff on young people.”
  • If being called a liar really “bothers” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, there is an obvious remedy for that.
  • David Lane says that America is locked in a spiritual war “with Secularism and Biblical Christianity as the two contenders” and that “secularism will come more and more under fire as Christians enter the public arena and begin questioning Secularism’s self-imposed right to establish its sweeping, all-encompassing and shady agenda.”
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson declares that Trump “is a strong example of Christ on earth.”