Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump Could Learn From Putin

  • Rick Wiles is warning his audience to prepare for a 350-year-long ice age that will begin in a matter of months.
  • Julio Severo is upset that President Trump held a “pagan Hindu festival” at the White House.
  • Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver declares that “Pam Bondi would be a disaster for U.S. Attorney General. President Donald Trump deserves someone who is competent, not afraid to take on unpopular issues, and who is willing to work hard. Bondi is not the right choice for this very important position. Mr. President, please do not pick an attorney general like the one we have had in Florida under Pam Bondi.”
  • Stephen Strang is not too upset about the election results because “the effects of President Donald Trump’s agenda—such as a robust economy, increased jobs, lower taxes, strong foreign policy, a supported military and protected borders—will be long-lasting.”
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau suggests that Trump should take a lesson from Vladimir Putin and seize control of the media and social networks so that they only report “positive things about what he is doing.”