Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump Can’t Unring This Bell

  • Brenden Dilley dismissed President Donald Trump’s call for peace after MAGA activists stormed the U.S. Capitol following a so-called Stop The Steal rally on the National Mall: “With all due respect, what the fuck did you think was going to happen?”
  • Rick Wiles tells fellow unhinged right-wing conspiracy theorist Lin Wood to produce evidence to support his wild claims or else “shut up.”
  • Curt Landry reveals that he was invited to attend the New Year’s Eve celebration at Mar-a-Lago.
  • David Lane warns that “America totters on the verge of an upcoming pandemic of secular subterfuge and subversion, spreading throughout the nation’s very substance. Occupying the slopes and summits of the spiritual, intellectual, educational, economical and vocational mountains of influence, unscrupulous and disingenuous secularists have plunged America into the dark depths of iniquity and depravity.”
  • Ron Ewart declares that “the hard truth is, socialist Democrats cannot be defeated without millions of conservatives rising up in unison, with force if necessary.”
  • LifeSite is urging Trump to pardon Lisa Miller.
  • Finally, Rick Joyner claims that he was on a conference call with “forensic computer technicians who were, by the way, liberals” and they reported that “this is the biggest voter fraud ever in our history.”