Right Wing Bonus Tracks: True Faith

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt is very upset that President Joe Biden did not mention Jesus during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll: “Somebody tell Biden, Easter isn’t about bunnies or eggs, it’s about Christ who was raised from the dead.”
  • Michele Bachmann accused Rep. Ilhan Omar of being an Islamic supremacist who arrogantly looks down her nose at every other faith. Bachmann then proceeded to pray that all Muslims will “come to true faith, faith in Jesus Christ.”
  • Laura Loomer remains outraged that nobody cares that she’s been banned from just about every mainstream social media platform: “Do I just not exist? Am I not a real human being? Am I invisible? Am I just imagining that I am a real human being on this planet? Am I just imagining everything that has happened to me and the abuse that has been carried out against me at the hands of our terroristic DOJ and big tech?”
  • Dan Ball of One America News says the media is “treasonous” and calls for every CEO and news host to be tried by “a military tribunal for treason to this nation.”
  • Stella Immanuel declares that the doctors and nurses who worked to treat COVID-19 patients should be hanged, just like Nuremberg criminals
  • Finally, Rep. Lauren Boebert is already “declaring victory in the 2022 midterms.”