Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Total Aryan Victory

  • Greg Locke held a book burning last week, which he defended by declaring that nobody complains when the Taliban does it.
  • Joshua Feuerstein smashed a television with a sledgehammer during a church service for some reason.
  • Mark Burns says that mask mandates and critical race theory are training schoolchildren to become Nazi Stormtroopers: “It is exactly what is happening today. History is repeating itself.”
  • After admitting that he once kissed a girl in high school during a livestream Friday night, the Groypers in Nick Fuentes’ superchat taunted him for being a “fakecel.” He became defensive, invoked Hitler, and asserted that he doesn’t want a relationship: “All I want is revenge against my enemies and a total Aryan victory.”
  • Wendy Rogers declares that she is “in favor of truckers shutting down the Super Bowl. Payback for Colin Kaepernick and the kneeling.”
  • Despite the fact that Laura Loomer lost her bid for Congress in 2020 by 80,000 votes in a district that President Joe Biden won by 17 points, she still insists “they stole my election.”
  • Finally, we have to say that Jim Breuer’s effort to lend his support to Joe Rogan was not particularly helpful, convincing, or coherent.