Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Time to Move On

  • Pat Robertson declares that Joe Biden will be president and that President Donald Trump should not run again in 2024 because he “lives in an alternate reality” and “is very erratic”: “You’ve had your day and it’s time to move on.”
  • Newt Gingrich asserts that he will “not accept Joe Biden as president.”
  • Kenneth Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church dedicated the entire morning service the Sunday before Christmas to ranting about the election.
  • Mark Taylor announces that he refuses to pray for a smooth transition of power: “If I have to, I’ll fight for Trump to stay in office.”
  • Larry Klayman proclaims that “there must be an urgent collective effort to save the republic from falling into the hands of leftist despots and tyrants in the executive branch, who once in power under a radical leftist Biden-Harris administration will now have, given the unelected and unaccountable federal judiciary that will not protect us, an unobstructed pathway to extinguish our freedoms and liberties under the tyranny of a socialist if not communist godless state.”
  • Finally, Robert Henderson tearfully begs God to ensure that Trump “shall be reseated as president of the United States of America.”