Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘This Would Be a Globe, If I was a Normal Person’

  • Lance Wallnau warns that “if you’re a Democrat and God’s not on that side, you’re fighting with God.”
  • Eric Metaxas is a far-right conspiracy theorist, but that didn’t prevent Sen. Josh Hawley from appearing on Metaxas’ program.
  • Nick Fuentes insists that his desire for a 16-year-old child bride does not make him a pedophile: “Even if it’s not legal, that doesn’t always mean it’s wrong.”
  • Democratic Sen. Tom Carper will not seek reelection, which seems to be enticing right-wing conspiracy theorist Lauren Witzke to contemplate making another run.
  • Finally, Kandiss Taylor, who unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2022 and recently became a Georgia GOP district chair, is a flat earther: “Everywhere there’s globes … and that’s what they do to brainwash.”