Right Wing Bonus Tracks: This Is Fascism

  • Glenn Beck freaks out over the news that a few Dr. Seuss books will no longer be published because they contain racist imagery: “It is the end of freedom in America.”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt brags that he was a victim of “cancel culture” before it was cool: “15 years ago, my Navy Chaplain career was ‘canceled’ by easily offended Pharisees who hated any public prayer ending ‘in Jesus’ name.’ I was canceled before it became cool.”
  • DeAnna Lorraine is falling out of love with former President Donald Trump, saying he’s like “a player [who] leads a girl on over and over again.”
  • Larry Tomczak shares insights from a recent meeting of various religious-right activists at Rick Joyner’s church regarding what must be done to save this country.
  • Finally, Kat Kerr continues to insist that Trump won the election and will be restored to office, claiming that Trump is already in possession of all the evidence he needs to ensure that those who supposedly stole the election from him will be “shot for treason.”