Right Wing Bonus Tracks: This Country Needs a Dictator

  • Right-wing pastor Jack Hibbs is launching a streaming platform to “protect kids from woke propaganda.”
  • Jesse Kelly declares that “this country needs a dictator.”
  • Jon Miller is pretty sure that “95% of Karens are Jewish” because “it’s textbook Jewish behavior, nickling and diming every manager in sight, the obnoxious nasal complaining.”
  • Steve Franssen asserts that “white men should look out for other white men instead of being gay liberals who give everything away out of race humiliation.”
  • After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at Nick Fuentes’ APFAC event in 2022, Fuentes showered her with praise, but now Fuentes claims that he was just using her because “women do not belong in politics”: “I all along never accepted Marjorie Green as a congresswoman.”
  • Finally, Jonathan Cahn warns that when President Joe Biden lit up the White House in rainbow colors in 2022, he handed the nation over to an “ancient goddess” and we’re now under “demonic possession.”