Right Wing Bonus Tracks: They’re Really Nice Blankets

  • You will have to forgive us if we don’t quite believe Rick Wiles’ newfound concern about the dangers of attacking one’s political enemies and advocating violence against them.
  • Mychal Massie declares that “President Trump will always be my president. I will never again support any insider the Republican Party promotes. I take what they have done to my president as a personal insult. They relieved their bowels on me and on all those who believed it right to support a man who held fast to what we believed.”
  • Josh Bernstein announces that he will only refer to President Joe Biden as “Pedo Joe” and Vice President Kamala Harris as “Headboard Heel’s-Up Harris, The Whore.”
  • Laurie Roth is keeping the faith: “Trust our Lord and President Trump. He has always had our best interests in mind and is doing what he must do to clean out the evil, pedophile – sex trafficking rings, reaching up to the highest levels, Deep state Communists and America haters who intended and planned for many years to seize our freedom, Constitution and Judeo-Christian heritage.”
  • For a donation of $1,000, Jim Bakker will put a plaque with your name on it in the new “Hall of the Prophets” he is building, plus he’ll send you two mugs and two blankets.
  • Finally, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert likens herself to the Founding Fathers for having the courage to object to the results when Congress certified the presidential election last week.