Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘They Will Enslave Us’

  • James Dobson warns about the dangers posed by the Equality Act: “We must not remain silent as our historic liberties are gutted by Democrats and their friends in the LGBT movement. They will enslave us if they prevail.”
  • Robert Gagnon explains why Christians are not hypocrites for continuing to support President Trump: “I have a choice between prison guards. Prison guard A cuts up babies and beats my family daily, but has been faithful to his spouse and is a middling liar. Prison guard B has a track record of keeping his promise to prevent these horrible policies, but has a sordid sexual past 12+ years ago and a lying potty mouth. I go with prison guard B every time.”
  • Chris McDonald insists that he is “not a conspiracy theorist” while asserting that an obscure actor’s death “was a ritual sacrifice.”
  • Bryan Fischer is alarmed that Americans are not having enough children and calls on people to turn to the Bible for answers: “God says in Genesis 1:28 that we are to ‘be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.’ He’s never changed his mind about that. Now if American families are going to ‘multiply’ and not just replace themselves, if they are going to leave more people behind than they found, they need to have an average of at least three children. Large families are not a burden, nor are they the enemies of America’s future – they are America’s future.”
  • Finally, Dean Garrison urges Trump to declare himself dictator: “Shame on you President Trump. You promised us you would seek to put Hillary where she belonged. You are still promising but nothing is getting done. Why don’t you add Obama, let them share a cell and declare yourself dictator? If you got those 2 things accomplished, I’m pretty sure most of America would be just fine with that.”