Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Zionist/Communist/AI Beast System

  • Intercessors for America’s Dave Kubal is asking activists to “fast and pray with expectation that breakthrough is about to happen and that every purpose God has for President Trump would come to pass.”
  • Cheryl Chumley comes to the defense of Rep. Steve King: “There’s a whole host of Americans who agree with King. And guess what? They’re not members of a white supremacist group. They’re simply citizens, trying to hold on to a country they love — to the country that founders imagined. Oftentimes, in a word: They’re conservatives.”
  • Rick Wiles declares that “the Beast system in the Last Days [will be] a Zionist/Communist monster run by artificial intelligence.”
  • Richard Land says that a church that fired its pastor for posting a bigoted anti-LGBTQ message on its sign has obviously “been seduced by the neo-pagan culture of California.”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein loves the government shutdown because he thinks it’ll lead “to all these little punks, these millennial perennial snowflakes” who are supposedly working in the government to undermine Trump eventually being fired.