Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The World’s General

  • Laura Loomer complains that “by not allowing me to have access to Twitter and Facebook to campaign and allowing my opponent to have access, my opponent, Twitter, and Facebook are violating Federal Election Commission (FEC) laws.”
  • Doug Billings declares that Michael Flynn “is not just “America’s general, he’s the world’s general.”
  • Stew Peters says that only Christian prayer can protect people from COVID-19 because the vaccines were created by “the demonically inspired spawns of Satan”: “Look at these people. They are not even humans!”
  • Josh Bernstein would like to see “legislation that allows us to go retroactive and abort evil, disgusting, despicable politicians.”
  • Finally, self-proclaimed “Christocrat” Rick Scarborough is alarmed that Democrats have been making electoral gains in Texas, so he is working to mobilize 1,000 pastors who will motivate their congregations to get more politically engaged in the upcoming midterm elections in order to ensure GOP victories.