Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Vaccine Deep State

  • Ann Vandersteel declares that the COVID-19 coronavirus is a “biological agent” that Bill Gates and the Chinese government launched on the world.
  • Josh Bernstein is now warning that a “vaccine deep state” will use the coronavirus outbreak to require mandatory vaccinations and verification.
  • Dave Daubenmire fumes that he never voted to allow the government to “shut down the nation by squashing all of my personal freedoms.”
  • Jonathan Shuttlesworth rails against churches that are suspending services in accordance with CDC recommendations to avoid large gatherings in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Scott Lively says that “the very same people that have orchestrated this pandemic and that are trying to take down the world economy are the same people that have purged God from America.”
  • Finally, Buzz Patterson, the Republican nominee running for Congress in California’s 7th District, will appear on Brenden Dilley’s program tomorrow.