Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Sanest Man In America

  • The event at right-wing pastor and U.S. Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer’s church to promote Dave Daubenmire and Sherri Tenpenny’s new “The Christian Revolution” effort has been rescheduled, reportedly due to Tenpenny’s inability to make it to Oklahoma on time.
  • Speaking of Tenpenny, she says that she and Daubenmire will be taking 20 percent of the donations to their new organization to pay their salaries and business expenses. Given that Daubenmire claims they’re going to raise $100 million in the first month, this seems like a pretty lucrative endeavor for them.
  • Josh Bernstein declares that he will never accept the results of the 2020 election and that he is going to work tirelessly to overturn it or “die trying.”
  • Eric Metaxas says that Mike Lindell is “the sanest man in America.”
  • Larry Elder is doing a lot campaigning for the California recall election in churches, and pastors are turning their services into open campaign rallies where they raise money for him.
  • Finally, Michael Scheuer is calling for conservatives to “rid the republic of its lawless, vermin-like, and genocidal enemies,” claiming that doing so “is truly to participate in doing God’s work, and that such work – win or lose, live or die — is its own reward. And what, after all, could be more satisfying, necessary, respectable, and blessed than to help kill, in numbers as large as necessary, those who are using illegal and so legally meaningless ‘mandates’ to impoverish, poison, starve, and ultimately kill you and your family; to sexually pervert your grammar-skilled kids and teach them to be Nazis; and to make the Chinese and other Third World trash the rulers of America. Clearly, the only real challenge here lies is picking which target to dispose of first.”