Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Right’s Religious Test For Office

  • Franklin Graham, who spent eight years endlessly criticizing President Obama, now wishes everyone would stop criticizing President Trump: “I just wish the Democrats and the Republicans would work with him and stop trying to tear him down. Nothing is gained by putting forth the lie that he is unfit. I encourage people of faith to pray for the President and his family, Vice President Mike Pence and his family, and all those who serve in the Cabinet and the White House. They need our prayers.”
  • Julio Severo is very upset about the Trump administration’s global effort to decriminalize homosexuality: “When I think about violence and homosexuality, the first thought coming to my mind is not individuals suffering violence for their sexual lifestyle. The first thinking is children suffering homosexual violence — physical and psychological. There is a massive effort to cover up the suffering of children in the hands of homosexual predators.”
  • BarbWire’s David Jolly says that Rep. Ilhan Omar should be “officially designated as an enemy of the United States and therefore, removed from Congress.”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt is likewise alarmed about the presence of Muslims in Congress: “This is why America is vulnerable to Muslim terrorists, because we elect leftist radicals to Congress, who hate your childrens’ (sic) safety and American security.”
  • Finally, Laurie Cardoza-Moore’s Proclaiming Justice to the Nation has launched a “national petition to demand the immediate resignation of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.”