Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Religious Right Gets Its Marching Orders

  • It looks like the dinner that President Trump hosted for Religious Right leaders earlier this week to motivate them to mobilize their activists to vote in the midterm elections is working, as James Dobson and Tim Wildmon, who both attended the event, are now out there explicitly making the case.
  • End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles predicts that Michelle Obama will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2020.
  • Right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton, who recently asserted that Trump’s immorality doesn’t matter as long as he continues to deliver on the Religious Right’s political agenda, said yesterday that “folks who have a Machiavellian kind of attitude that says the end justifies the means” when it comes to voting will have to answer to God for that attitude.
  • Several Liberty University students and alumni are not happy that the university was deeply involved in producing the forthcoming movie about so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor.
  • Finally, right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein slammed the late Sen. John McCain for being “a petty, petty person” by insisting that Trump not attend his funeral.