Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Prophetic Interception

  • Considering that right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton regularly misrepresents history to suit his own political agenda, it was no surprise that he did precisely that when discussing Oliver North’s role in the Iran-Contra Affair while introducing him on his “WallBuilders Live” radio program Thursday: “At the time of Reagan, Russia, the Soviet Union was very aggressive toward America. And they were trying to come into America up through many of the countries in Central America. And one of the people who helped fight that was Oliver North. And so Oliver North Lieutenant, Colonel was very engaged in operations, fighting communism, became part of public hearings as the Democrats tried to embarrass him and expose him.”
  • Larry Tomczak says that while President Joe Biden may not be “an avowed socialist,” he is nevertheless “an aging, weak leader manipulated to advance the radical ‘progressive’ agenda.”
  • Robert Maginnis warns that Democrats are seeking to purge the military of conservatives: “If the Democratically-controlled government does not understand that Antifa and BLM are radical undesirables, then there’s no chance that we’re going to have any sort of justice as they begin to try to discover so-called radicals in our ranks.”
  • Gab founder Andrew Torba announces that representatives from his social media platform will not talk to anyone in the “pagan” media: “If you’re not a Christian reporter or from a Christian media company you will be ignored. All other press statements will be published on our blog for pagan propagandists to pick from.”
  • Finally, Hank Kunneman sees prophetic significance for former President Donald Trump in the fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sealed their Super Bowl win with an interception by Devin White, who wears number 45.