Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Price Of Using Private Planes

  • Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price has resigned amid controversy over his use of private planes for government travel.
  • Christian apologist Neil Mammen says that “an antifascist fighting a fascist is just a local turf war between socialists.”
  • Bryan Fischer declares that “we as Christians and as social conservatives must unapologetically defend [Roy] Moore whenever and wherever we can” because “everything Moore says agrees with what God says, what the Bible says, what the Constitution says, and what the Founders believed.”
  • Lee Duigon says that the left is “going all out to get football banned. Why? Because Americans liked it and they don’t like America.”
  • Finally, David Barton responds to the controversy over athletes kneeling during the national anthem in a predictably Bartonesque way: “If you look at blacks who are shot by police, it is a fraction of 1 percent.  … In the two years from 2010 to 2011, there were fourteen hundred more blacks murdered by other blacks than were murdered in 86 years of lynching from 1882 to 1968. In two years black gangs murdered more blacks than in essentially 90 years of the lynching of blacks.”