Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Price of a Miracle

  • Greg Locke warns that if the government enacts restrictions on churches in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, “we going to meet you at the door with our Second Amendment right.”
  • Steve Strang blames “cancel culture” for blocking “the free flow of important medical information to millions of Americans—potentially risking lives in today’s pandemic.”
  • Perry Stone says that Christians don’t worry about climate change or the environment because they know that all those problems will be taken care of when Jesus comes back.
  • Mario Murillo declares that “God is commanding the church to ignore every outward sign of resistance and limitation. He is ordering the church to get back on the attack. It is time to attack Satan’s stranglehold on America.”
  • Finally, for a donation of $1,000, Jim Bakker will send you two books, a CD, a DVD, plus a miracle blanket that, if you put your bills under it, will miraculously help you pay them off.