Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Permanent Residency Restriction Act

  • Josh Bernstein says that a law must be passed to “dismantle Washington” by prohibiting anyone from living “within 100 miles of Washington, D.C.”
  • Rick Joyner is sad that global leaders will not be able to experience the “7 star” luxury and hospitality of President Donald Trump’s Doral resort, now that plans to host the next G7 summit there have been scrapped.
  • Peter LaBarbera declares that “the homosexual, bisexual, transgender movement is not grounded in truth and reality. It’s an ideological movement built upon a lie which needs to redefine everything that is true to accomplish its goals.”
  • Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver was given the opportunity to ring the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday.
  • Jim Garlow defends Paula White: “I have watched you at close range for almost three years, and have been profoundly impressed with your Christ-likeness, your humility, your thoughtfulness, and how you have lived out the sanctified life while being close to power (something that few are able to do). Those who criticize you do so without understanding the remarkable ministry you now have.
  • Finally, why is Cindy Jacobs being briefed by the Department of Education on the opioid crisis?