Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The NFL Is Emboldening Our Enemies

  • Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady laments that ” limp-wristed liberals are ruining” football.
  • Bryan Fischer says that “the NFL has become the nation’s largest and most powerful hate group. And it is America that they hate.”
  • The Thomas More Law Center’s Richard Thompson fumes that “each year we watch the NFL embarrassingly apologize as its 300 pound ‘men without chests’ are caught again-and-again physically abusing their 110 pound wives and girlfriends. The NFL ignores honor, decency, respect for our country and is surprised when their players are found to be without honor, without decency, and without respect for their fellow men and women.”
  • ACT for America warns the NFL that “by broadcasting a message of division to the world, you are harming our national security, and emboldening our enemies.”
  • Finally, Alveda King declares that “we need to take the knee to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD!”