Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Most Patriotic Man In America

  • Bill Mitchell declares that President Trump is “the most patriotic man in America.”
  • Lance Wallnau warns that “the collapse of Christian culture in America has created a vacuum that is being filled by a sinister new alliance of liberal lawmakers, liberal lawyers and liberal judges siding against religion and family.”
  • BarbWire’s David Jolly says that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “is not a loyal American causing many to question if she really belongs in Congress or in Venezuela.”
  • Josh Bernstein urges President Trump and his legal team to stymie congressional investigations into his business dealings prior to becoming president by citing “executive privilege.”
  • Finally, Jim Garlow continues to stand by Trump: “I, along with millions of others, trust Trump – in spite of his obvious flaws – more than the media and all his jealous critics.”