Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Limits Of Gay McCarthyism

  • Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers is calling for a national walkout of pro-gun students on April 19.
  • Gary Bauer is horrified by the idea of a million activists like Barack Obama: “If one Barack Obama can do that in eight years, I shudder to think what a million of them could do.”
  • The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins declares that “they can make same-sex marriage legal. They can even take away our freedom. But they can never make it right.”
  • Michael Bresciani is not impressed with David Hogg or his “bizarre Hitlerian type raised arm and clenched fist salute”: “He could not speak a full sentence without using the f-word and listening to the bleeping and watching the news videos on the networks was like a flute recital for someone who only knew one note.Is this Parkland’s best? Are they proud of the foul mouth and what do his parents think. If this is the marcher’s best, please don’t show us the worst!”
  • Finally, the Family Institute of Connecticut says that the defeat of an openly gay nominee to be the state’s chief justice shows “the limits of gay McCarthyism.”