Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Left’s Hitler Youth

  • Lance Wallnau insists that he didn’t mean to liken students marching for gun control to the Brownshirts, but merely that the left is “trying to turn our sons and daughters into their ‘Hitler Youth.'”
  • Representatives of the American Family Association were on hand when Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant recently signed the state’s radical abortion ban into law.
  • Dave Daubenmire says that his tinfoil hat is buzzing over various recent events: “Something nefarious is at work as the workers of inequity are trying to do something and we’re missing it. I don’t even know what I’m missing, but I’m missing something.”
  • Peter LaBarbera is urging people to “pray for Cynthia Nixon, that she repents and leaves this proud, addictive sin behind, as countless women (and men) have, many through a born-again relationship with Jesus Christ. He can wipe her slate clean, although surely she would pay a hefty worldly price.”
  • Finally, Dan Fisher says that if he is elected governor of Oklahoma, he will travel to the district of every state legislator who refuses to support his plan to completely abolish abortion in the state and urge voters to remove them from office.