Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Left Needs To Shut Up

  • Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says his state’s 15-week abortion ban is all about protecting women and people of color: “We are going about protecting women, protecting minorities from being torn apart during one of these horrible, later-term abortions.”
  • David Whitney has a warning: “It is quite clear that their agenda is to simply disarm the populace in order to enslave us. Don’t trust anyone who demands any violations of our Second Amendment, they are not a friend of liberty!”
  • Lee Duigon says that Christianity must “manifest itself in the political positions we take”: “They put our country in danger of God’s judgement–as when a few lawyers on the Supreme Court ‘legalize’ the same-sex parody of marriage, without benefit of any law being passed by the legislature, and the, er, president orders the White House lit up with ‘rainbow’ lights to celebrate this evil. It is wrong for Christians to support this. Instead, we should be praying for national repentance and a reversal of this course.”
  • Jim Garlow and David Barton have written a book together.
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau prays that God will quash the story of Donald Trump’s adulterous affair with pornographic actress Stormy Daniels: “The left needs to shut up and Father, we just pray in Jesus’ name that your hand will be on this president and on his marriage and on his wife, that their ears will be deaf to the salacious, cruel accusations and toxic utterances that are coming at them from all directions. And I pray for a swift and speedy blocking of this subject from entering into the middle of the national narrative.”