Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Kavanaugh Reaction, Day III

  • The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins warns that Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation hearing “is a snapshot of the Left’s desperation. It’s a picture of what the president’s opponents will do to get power — and, more alarming — how they’ll use it if they do.”
  • Liberty Counsel is claiming that anti-Kavanaugh protesters are being paid: “Peggy Nienaber with Faith & Action has personally witnessed protestors getting paid $50 to disrupt the hearing. They also receive free breakfast, lunch and bail money. She has personally confirmed the reports of protestors getting paid to disrupt the hearing.”
  • Gary Bauer of American Values says that yesterday’s hearing was “disgusting”: “Is there anything the left will not do in the pursuit of its agenda? … The left-wing politicians repeatedly proved that they don’t have the demeanor senators should have.”
  • Newt Gingrich, of all people, laments that the Kavanaugh hearing shows that “bipartisanship has separated, and we are now operating in two competing alternative universes. There is virtually no common ground.”
  • Finally, the Washington Times’ Cheryl Chumley declares that “the whole Democratic Party is nothing but a sham, a front for selfish, power-seeking pols and activists who want to feed off their angry base to climb to even higher positions of selfish power.”