Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Josh Bernstein Secure Schools Act Of 2018

  • Laura Ingraham says that “liberals are kind of like herpes. Just when you think you have them beat, they come back again.”
  • Ken Blackwell warns that conservatives must vote in the midterm elections, otherwise “we’ll lose the House and President Trump will be impeached.”
  • Peter LaBarbera continues to rage at CPAC for excluding MassResistance: “CPAC’s capricious action against MassResistance and its president, Brian Camenker, is an unconscionable sellout of real, principled conservative values. CPAC has it backwards: it is the homosexual-transgender activist group Log Cabin Republicans that doesn’t belong at a conservative conference–not an organization fighting the fanatical, anti-Christian LGBTQ lobby.”
  • Sylvia Thompson says that students who are pushing for gun control are “probably the most easily manipulated of all politically gullible groups. Teenagers lack maturity, wisdom that comes with age, adult thinking ability, and every other quality that would enable them to realize they are being used by sinister adults to further a leftist agenda—the disarming of law-abiding American citizens.”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein declares that if Congress will enact “The Josh Bernstein Secure Schools Act Of 2018” then America will “never hear of another mass shooting at a school ever again.”