Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Impeachment Distraction

  • The American Pastors Network is launching a “52 Tuesdays” prayer effort focused on the 2020 elections that will “call on Christians to pray for America as never before.”
  • Bill Mitchell says that anyone who is voting for a Democratic candidate for any office must be “literally out of [their] mind.”
  • David Barton is being inducted into the Roaring Lambs Hall of Fame.
  • Alex McFarland insists that for any immigration reform effort to be based on biblical principles, “there has to be some deportations”: “Frankly, for the good of the order, there are some deportations that need to take place.”
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley asserts that the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump is a sham created by Rep. Adam Schiff in an effort to “keep America from finding out that he fucks kids.”