Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Highest Level of Constitutional Infringement

  • Andrew Torba brags that Christian nationalists control the Republican Party: “We own you know. This party belongs to Christ.”
  • Eric Metaxas and John Zmirak agree that “the Democratic Party is possessed by preternatural evil. It is not a human institution any more. It is an instrument of wicked spirits.”
  • Gina Loudon falsely claims that former President Donald Trump couldn’t reveal the Mar-a-Lago warrant “because nobody would give his attorneys or him a copy” of it: “They don’t have a copy of it. That’s why he’s not turning it over. He doesn’t have it!”
  • While ranting about the magistrate who signed the FBI search warrant for Mar-a-Lago, Laura Loomer proclaims that she is “always right.”
  • Jarrin Jackson declares that “we should ban Bill Gates, George Soros, Merrick Garland and Eric Holder from Oklahoma and issue search warrants on any property they have in Oklahoma.”
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn screams that “if we don’t have a miracle in the midterms, if we don’t have a miracle in ’24, I dare tell you it is over. There is no more stopping the judgment of God on this nation.”