Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Hate Christian Tour

  • Jonathan Shuttlesworth assures those who support his ministry that they will be protected from the coronavirus.
  • Faith Goldy produced a video for VDARE making the argument for “conservatives, white advocates, immigration patriots, and Christian gun owners” to secede from the United States in a video titled “Whites Have Rights.”
  • Hosts from The Daily Wire sat down with conservative commentator Dennis Prager to complain that “the left” has “teamed up to attack the white man.”
  • Mark Taylor suspects that the people who control the weather blasted Nashville with tornadoes on Monday night in order to damage Bernie Sanders.
  • Sen. Tom Cotton has launched an ad campaign accusing Joe Biden of supporting socialism; Breitbart News says the ad campaign exposes “how there is not much difference between Biden’s radical views and those of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and other socialists taking control over the Democrat Party.”
  • Finally, Public Advocate celebrates the end of “arrogant” Pete Buttigieg’s “Hate Christian Presidential Candidate Tour.”